Summer CSA – October 19, 2016

Items available this week:

  • Winter Squash- Spaghetti – 1 fruit.
  • Cabbage, Napa – 1 large head.
  • Brussels sprouts – 1 stalk. (Equivalent to 1 pint.)
  • Celeriac – 2 medium bulbs.
  • Beets, red– 1 lb.
  • Turnips, Hakurei – ¾ lb.
  • Broccoli – ¾ lb. or 1 medium head.
  • Garlic – 2 bulbs.  Inchelium Red (Voted best tasting garlic by the Rodale Institute.)
  • Eggplant – 1 lb.
  • Sweet Peppers – 1 lb.
  • Pepper, Hot – Mix 3/4 lb.
  • Peppers, Seasoning – ½ lb. These are very special peppers that look like hot peppers and have a similar flavor but 90% of them are not hot. 
  • Tomatillos- ¾ lb.
  • Kale – Lacinato or Curly – ¾ lb. bunch.
  • Swiss chard – ¾ lb.
  • Broccoli Leaves- ¾ lb.
  • Komatsuna – ¾ lb. 
  • Dandelion Greens – ½ lb.
  • Parsley – 8 oz. bunch.
  • Lavender – 4 oz. bunch.
  • Lemongrass- 8 oz. bunch.
  • Tomato, Green – 2 lb.
  • Tomato, Mix – 1 lb.
  • Salad mix OR Spinach – 5 oz. You may choose but we cannot guarantee that you will get your choice. It all depends on supply.
  • Herb Mix 1: 2 oz. each of Sage, Oregano, Parsley.
  • Herb Mix 2: 2 oz. each of Chives, Oregano, Parsley.
  • Herb Mix 3: 2 oz. each of Chives, sage, Marjoram.
  • Herb Mix 4: 2 oz. each of Mint, thyme, and Lavender.



Due to the abundant harvest we are able to offer extras this week.
Extras are free however; you must follow the instructions of ordering the items.*
Extras will be given on a first come first serve basis.
You must order to receive!
You can find the extras in the Extra Store before checking out.

  • Sweet Peppers – You may order two IF you order one  in your original order.

What’s New?! 


This is the second to last week of our Summer CSA.  We are begging you to please return your wax boxes.  This year we have purchased more boxes than ever before.  Please, please return them so that we can reuse them.  Search your cars, garages, basements etc.….


Despite the warm fall we have had, the frost is here, as you must have noticed from the harvest list.  We scoured the tomato, pepper and eggplant field and we are offering you a bounty this week.  See the recipe below for how to ripen and freeze peppers; sweet and hot.


We are so grateful for the response to our Brussels sprouts dilemma.  We really appreciate your support and understanding.  We try so hard to provide you with high quality produce.  Farming can be a tough job when you baby a crop for 6 months (the Brussels sprouts were planted in May), and at the time of harvest an insect decides they are delectable.  I do believe the insects know when the crop is at its peak.  So eat your Brussels!!!!  We have had a frost and they are sweeter now.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to complete all steps for checking out when ordering. Please keep an eye out for your confirmation email. If you do not receive that email, then we did not receive your order!!

Featured Vegetable:

Each week we will feature an item in the recipe section of this email to introduce you to what we are growing and what we think is the best thing on the “menu” for the week.


With the onset of frost we have harvested all the marketable sized fruits we can.  Here are some ways to ripen the fruits and freeze them for winter:


Visit our Recipe pages on our website.  These pages have storage information and recipes available. See below for more recipes from the internet.


Fruit Share: 2 lbs. Jonathan Apples & 2 lbs. Honeycrisp Apples from Weaver’s Orchard.

You can expect your add-ons on these dates: 

Weekly Kombucha Deliveries

Weekly Fruit Deliveries

LAST Egg Deliveries: 10/19 

Bi-weekly Cheese/Mixed Dairy Deliveries: 10/26



We need to have your orders by Monday at 8 pm. Late orders cannot be accepted. If you do not choose to order or forget to order we will select a well-rounded box for you. This weekly newsletter will also be posted on our website in the right hand side bar. If for some reason you do not receive an email by Monday, notify us and look to the website for the newsletter. You can still got to the ordering site to order. Each week while ordering is open, the ordering page can be found from our website or the newsletter. On the top menu bar click the Member Actions tab, which will lead you to the Member Login button. Once logged in, click on Summer Half/Full Vegetable Share under Your Stores. You will see the list of available items. Click each one that you would like in your box and click Add to Cart. You may pick 5 items if you are a half share or 8 items for full share. You will see them show up in your cart on the right hand side. When complete, you may click Continue to Checkout or Specify Quantities. (Please do not change quantities of items that only allow one to be ordered.) You may also click on the Extras store to add free items that we have abundance of that week, if applicable.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to complete all steps for checking out. Please keep an eye out for your confirmation email. If you do not receive that email, then we did not receive your order!! Pick Up/Delivery

Do you have our CSA boxes??

We seem to be buying a lot of boxes this year. We ask that you do not take our CSA boxes home. Please bring a bag to your pick up site to collect your share. If you have our CSA boxes at home please return them at the next pick up or at market. We realize that many people are busy and forget to pick up. We work hard to fill your boxes with fresh vegetables and we want you to receive them while they are fresh. Please keep in contact with us if you have problems with your pick up. It is best to call or text Erica at 484-955-1098 (if you are texting, please send your name.) Please remember each week to gently break down your box and leave it at the site. The site host is not responsible for your produce or the delivery. Please do not contact the site host with any issues.

We have teamed up with Delivery Dudes. Members can have their boxes delivered right to their door. You can make a one time payment of $7 via PayPal during ordering on any given week. Go to Delivery Dudes website,, to see if you are within the range of service or visit our website to read more, To choose delivery for the week click on Delivery to Your Door under Your Stores. Follow through to check out and pay the $7 fee through PayPal.That’s it!


Again, we thank you for membership and for joining this journey with us.


B & H Organic Produce