Summer CSA 6/10



Thank you for joining the B & H Organic Produce Summer CSA,

What a beautiful weekend we are having.  I hope you are all able to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Our first CSA pick up went well.  I know a few of you had trouble finding the Shillington location.  We are grateful for your patience.  Thank you.

In the next week we are hoping to make the ordering system even more convenient for you.

  • We are hoping to be able to offer email confirmations when you enter your email address each week. This is an experiment and it is optional.  If you would like a confirmation enter your email address and let us know if you received a confirmation.


Just a reminder that Full share members can order 8 items and Half share members can order 5 items.

Times of pickup:

  • Shillington: 138 Washington St, Shillington.  Wednesdays 3:00pm-8pm
  • Hartz Natural Foods:211 Twin County Rd Morgantown.   Wednesdays 2pm – 6pm.
  • West Reading: 330 Franklin St, West Reading Wednesdays 3: 30pm-8pm.

There will not be an egg delivery this week.  Eggs will be delivered again next Wednesday.

If you are a Pantry Share member – your items will be available each week.

There is still time to sign up for either of these shares.  See our website for more details:



  • We will be sending out an email each Sunday afternoon with the list for the week.
  • If for some reason you do not see the email please check our website. The weekly email will be on our blog which will be located on every page of the website on the right side bar.


  • There will be a page, for ordering, on the website which you will be able to find at the top menu – “CSA Orders” Here is the link to the Order page:
  • Please be sure when you are ordering that date at the top is correct for the week you are ordering.
  • When you click on this page you will be prompted to enter your last name and your pick up site.
    • Please do not change your pick up site without notifying us first.
  • The items available for order will be listed with the size of the item. Please check the box for the item you would like.
    • We do not split items of make smaller bunches. All sizes of the items are stated.
  • Full Shares can choose 8 items only and Half shares can choose 5 items only.
  • If you can choose more than one of an item than it will be stated.
    • Please select the quantity you would like to order from the dropdown menu under the item.
    • If it is not stated, than you may not order more than one of an item.
    • However, if you choose more than one of an item it will be counted as more than 1 item. For instance, if you choose to order 2 orders of spinach it will count as 2 of your items.
    • If it states that you may order 2 (or 3) than this counts as 2 (or 3) of your items.
  • Orders must be in by Monday night at 11:30 pm. We cannot accept late orders.
  • If you choose not to order we will pick a well-rounded box for you.
  • Be sure to select the correct pick up location. Please double check this.
  • From time to time we made need to change the weight of a unit of produce. We only do this if necessary.  However, we do try to maintain a specific price for each box.   We appreciate your understanding.
  • Yes, we definitely make mistakes. So please let us know so we don’t make them again.  We are striving to provide great customer service.



  • If we have an abundance of an item we will offer those as “Extras.”
  • Extras are free.
  • We will not automatically give extras to you. You must order them.  And in the quantities stated.
  • Sometimes we will require you to order the item in your regular order and then add on an extra quantity as an “extra.” This is to ensure that we are giving you the items we have an abundance of and not pulling from items we do not have an abundance of.


  • Although I will be able to track the orders we have hired someone to take the orders for us this year. Please keep your comments clear and concise.
  • We will do our best to accommodate special requests but we cannot guarantee anything.

Picking up:

  • Don’t forget to pick up your box. It may help to set an alarm on your phone.  At the West Reading site we have a family that comes at 9 pm to clean up the porch.  I had to do this so that I can get some sleep.  I am crazy and I would worry about those boxes all night.


  • If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or call 484-955-1098. I also am available to receive text messages at this phone number.  Please text your name with your message.  I have lost many contacts to phones lost in the fields.
  • If you are unable to pick up your box please text or call 484-955-1098 or email us.



Crops at their Peak:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Salad Mix
  • Beet Greens
  • Radishes
  • Garlic Scapes



Garlic Scapes

These have become a hot item at the market in the last few years.  Garlic scapes are the unopened flower buds of the garlic plant.  They have a sweet mild flavor and are very versatile.  It is necessary to pick these flower buds in order for the garlic plant to make a nice garlic bulb.  But they are great for eating.  Here are all the great ways to eat them:

Again we thank you for membership and we look forward to providing you will fresh veggies this season,