Mustard Greens

mustard - red giant

Mustard Greens are a bit spicy. The spiciness is great for cleaning out stagnant energies in the body and the digestive system. They are wonderful eaten as a salad with a warm sweet dressing. I love to eat greens more than anything else. I like to steam them lightly or quickly sauté them with olive oil, garlic and tamari.  Depending on the weather the greens may be more mild in flavor and tender in texture or spicier and more sturdy.  Use them accordingly.

Storage and Preparation:

Mustard Greens should be stored like any other green in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Mustard greens are best eaten raw.  They may be steamed or sautéed.  Do not overcook.


  • Mustard Green Pesto- I love making pesto with lost of different kinds of greens and herbs. It is a great way to store them. I made this pesto and then froze the leftovers. This way I can have the greens later in the winter. First, I toasted about 1 cup of walnuts in the oven. Then I blended them with 1 bunch of mustard greens, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoon of goat cheese.

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