Vegetable Sales


Winter markets and winter market hours will begin the first weekend in December.  We have a great selection of veggies ready for winter markets.

The Malvern Farmer’s Market  will be every Saturday in December 10 am till 12 pm in the First Baptist Church parking lot.  January – April the market will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.

The West Reading Farmer’s Market  will be every Sunday in December 11 am till 1 pm in the on the corner of 6th St. and Penn Ave.  January – April the market will be the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.


Scroll to the bottom of this page for a chart of when each item is usually available.

You can also find us at the following locations:


Hartz Natural Foods
211 Twin County Road, Morgantown, PA 19543
(only 1 mile from the Windmill Restaurant.)
610-286-5268 – Call for produce and meat availability
Open year round Monday through Saturday 9 am – 6 pm.
You can purchase our Produce and our Organic Vegetable Seedlings here


Find B & H Organic Produce on the menu:



Cafe Sweet Street



Item Availability*

April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Arugula X X X X X X
Basil X X
Beans X X X X
Beets X X X X X X X
Cabbage X X X
Carrots X X X X X X X
Chard X X X X X X
Choi- baby X X X X X
Collards X X X
Cucumber X X X
Eggplant X X
Flowers, fresh cut X X X
Kale X X X X X X X
Lettuce X X X X X X
Parsley X X X X X X X
Peas X
Peppers X X
Potatoes x x x x x x
Radishes X X X X X X X
Salad Mix X X X X X X X
Spinach X X X X X
Summer Squash X X X
Winter Squash X X X
Tomatillo X X
Tomato X X X
Turnips X X X X X X X

*There is no guarantee we will have these items at these times, this depends on the weather, etc. Contact us with questions at