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Summer Transplants

We are sold out for 2017.  Check back in April of 2018 for our plant sales dates and locations.

The list below will be similar for 2018.

 Certified Organic Transplants for your home garden.

What makes our Transplants special?

B & H starts all the plants from seed.  One hundred percent of the seed we purchase for starting the plants is Non GMO and 90% of the seed is Certified Organic.  We use nutrient rich certified organic potting soil from McEnroe Organics.   The plants are fertilized with only organic fertilizers.  We give your plant the best organic start before they will be transplanted into your garden.


Spring Transplants

When to plant?

Click here for a printable Vegetable Planting Guide.

Where to purchase:

limited singles available.  4 pks sold out for 2017. CHARD SINGLES OR 4 PKS A wonderful all season green that loves hot weather.   Great for eating as baby in salads or steaming. Ruby, White and Golden.
KALE- LACINATO SINGLES OR 4 PKS aka Black Kale, Tuscan Kale, Dinosaur Kale, Flat leaf Kale.     A tender kale with great flavor.   The bugs love this kale as much as we do, but the flavor is worth it.
 singles sold out.  4 pks available. KALE- RED RUSSIAN SINGLES OR 4 PKS Blue green leaves with a purple stem. Very tender leaves with a sweet flavor.
 4  pks sold out.  Singles available. KALE – GREEN CURLY SINGLES or 4 PKS aka Winter Kale or Curly Kale. This is the most common kale. It does well in cold weather and mild heat.
BROCCOLI – GYPSY SINGLES Well domed medium sized heads and plentiful side shoots for a longer harvest.
 Sold out for 2017. CABBAGE- GREEN SINGLES Green – 3-4 lb head of cabbage is the perfect size for a home gardener. This is a sweet green cabbage with thin leaves suitable for eating raw or cooking.
  Sold out for 2017. CABBAGE – SAVOY SINGLES Savoy- Savoy type cabbage that heads up at about 4 pounds.   This is a great cabbage that is sweet and stores nicely. A beautiful addition to the garden.
  Sold out for 2017. CABBAGE – RED SINGLES Red- Early maturing red cabbage of 3-4 lbs.   Dark red color. Short – term storage.
LETTUCE – BUTTERHEAD 4 PKS Heat tolerant variety with superior flavor and texture. It has a well-blanched heart surrounded by red-tinged outer leaves.
LETTUCE – ROMAINE 4 PKS Known for its great taste and texture. This variety produces heavy, tall heads averaging 11-12″ in height.
LETTUCE – RED LEAF 4 PKS Excellent heat tolerance. Slow growing uniform heads of red frilly leaves and green stalks.
SALAD MIX 4 PKS A hardy mix of lettuce varieties. An attractive balance of color and leaf types create an eye-catching, all-around pleasing mix for the garden.
SPINACH 4 PKS An outstanding open-pollinated variety. Leaves are curled, long and narrow with a glossy, dark green color.
PEAS – SNOW 4 PKS Highly productive variety produces smooth, stringless, 4” pods on plants averaging 30” tall.
PEAS – SUGARSNAP 4 PKS Heavy harvests of juicy, thick walled, 3” long pods. The pods get nice and plump with tiny, distinctively delicious peas on 2’ tall vines.
BASIL, ITALIAN SINGLES or 4 PKS 24 – 30 inch tall plant get’s rave reviews for its sweetness. Best basil for making pesto.
BASIL,THAI SINGLES Green 2 inch leaves have a spicy anise flavor.   Attractive purple stems and flowers.
CUCUMBER – MARKET MORE SINGLES 8-9 inch fruits are your standard slicing cucumber.   Produces well in heat and has great disease resistance.
CUCUMBER – PICKLING SINGLES 3-5 inch fruits are great for canning or fresh eating.   Compact vines with small leaves make for easy picking
CUCUMBER- LEMON SINGLES Small, rounded, pale yellow cucumbers that resemble lemons.   These cucumbers are sweet and do not taste like lemons. Thin skins do not need peeling.
EGGPLANT – ROSA BIANCA SINGLES Pink and white Italian Heirloom eggplant. Round medium sized fruits are the creamiest eggplants we have ever tried.
EGGPLANT- ORIENT EXPRESS SINGLES Dark purple Asian type eggplant. The slender fruits are more abundant and earlier than any other variety.
EGGPLANT – GALINE SINGLES Standard Italian with high yields. Medium to thick skin is deep purple, and glossy.
KING ARTHUR SINGLES 59 days green, 79 days red. Hybrid. Large, thick walled peppers are quick to ripen.   Plants produce consistent fruits.
PURPLE BEAUTY SINGLES Specialty variety with dark purple skin and bright green interiors. Sturdy compact plants are loaded with medium-sized peppers.
SWEET SUNRISE SINGLES Blocky, dark-green fruit ripens to yellow/orange.   Sweet and fruity flavor.
ISLANDER SINGLES Sweet bell pepper with pale flesh. Through ripening fruits changes from violet, yellow and then red.
CARMEN SINGLES Super sweet frying pepper. Great for salads or grilling. Upright plant -which benefits from trellising.
 Sold out for 2017. SERRANO SINGLES High yielding plant with 3 inch fruits. Great eaten green or red. This is a HOT pepper.
 UNAVAILABLE THIS SEASON. POBLANO SINGLES Mildly hot pepper traditionally used for stuffing or dried to make Ancho chilis. Thick walled black-green pepper. Tall plants benefit from trellising.
HABANERO SINGLES Super hot pepper. Plants produce abundant 2 – inch orange fruits.
RING OF FIRE SINGLES Cayenne. This is a hot, hot pepper. Ring-O-Fire matures earlier and has a glossy sheen with a fire engine red color. Prolific and dependable.
HUNGARIAN HOT WAX SINGLES Medium hot pepper with banana shaped fruits.   Great for frying to pickling.
JALAPENO SINGLES Medium hot peppers. Early maturing traditional sized fruits
 AVAILABLE 5/6 PERSIMMON SINGLES These medium to large, low-acid, persimmon-orange beauties are juicy and flavorful with tender skin and meaty flesh.
  AVAILABLE 5/6 SAN MARZANO SINGLES Classic Italian paste tomato with rich, complex, sweet flavor essential for making traditional Napolitano sauces and whole canned tomatoes.
 UNAVAILABLE THIS SEASON ZAPOTEC PLEATED SINGLES The large, mild-tasting, deep pink fruit are very attractive indeed, especially when sliced, with pronounced pleats and hollows within the flesh.
GREEN ZEBRA SINGLES Succulent, sweet and zingy. Medium-sized, 4-5 oz fruits start out pale green with dark green stripes that soften and turn yellow when ripe.
DOUBLE RICH SINGLES Double Rich has solid, meaty, medium-sized deep red globe shaped fruit with 50-60 units of Vitamin C per fruit. Good short season producer.
 Unavailable this season. BLACK TRIEFFLE SINGLES Bottom-heavy beauty, pear-shaped with purple-black color. Narrow shoulders have typical green streaking. Superb tomato flavor.
SUNGOLD SINGLES Sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes. Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear right through the season.
CHEROKEE PURPLE SINGLES Medium dusky black fruits with dark shoulders. Deep rich flavor. Dependent beautiful heirloom.
GARDEN PEACH SINGLES 2 oz yellow fruits blush pink when ripe and have thin fuzzy skins somewhat like peaches. Relatively early, prolific, soft-skinned, juicy and very sweet.
COSMONAUT VOLKOV SINGLES Standard red tomato with a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Fruits can range from 8-12 oz and are slightly flattened with a healthy red color.
 Available 5/6 JULIET SINGLES A small roma type tomato that is great for eating fresh or sauces. Excellent production and disease resistance.
MARTIAN GIANT SINGLES This large, juicy, scarlet red beefsteak has richly sweet, well – balanced tomato flavor, and one slice is perfect for sandwiches or burgers.
 Available 5/6 BLACK CHERRY SINGLES One – inch fruits average 1-1 1/2 oz, and are great with the sweet, rich, full flavor common to all of the Russian black tomatoes.
MATT’S WILD CHERRY SINGLES Deep red cherries are smaller than average with an exceptional flavor many consider the best.
 Sold out for 2017. RADIATOR CHARLIE’S MORTGAGE LIFTER SINGLES 1-2 pound pink beefsteak fruits. Exceptionally meaty and typically crack-free. Great old-fashioned tomato flavor.
 Available 5/6 AMISH PASTE SINGLES Large for a sauce tomato, 8-12 oz. with excellent flavor. These meaty tomatoes are good in salads and great for processing.
GREAT WHITE SINGLES White slicing tomato. The fruit is meaty with few seeds, a mild non-acid flavor, and creamy texture.
 Available 5/6 AMY’S SUGAR GEM SINGLES HUGE yields of small red fruits. Larger than a cherry, these 1-2″ round fruits live up to their name…sweet as sugar!
PAUL ROBESON SINGLES The fruit is maroon colored with green shoulders and meaty red flesh. The highly productive plants producing 1 lb fruits.
PINK BRANDYWINE SINGLES The large, beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late- but are worth the wait.
INDIGO ROSE SINGLES 2 – 2.5 oz cherry tomatoes. This variety is stunningly jet – black! As it ripens the underside turns from green to a rosy red.
 AVAILABLE 5/6 MOUNTAIN FRESH SINGLES Most commonly grown field tomato in the east. Able to tolerate cool and wet conditions, this big red tomato produces attractive, 8-16 oz. slicers with good flavor.
STRIPED GERMAN SINGLES The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced.
TAXI SINGLES Meaty, 4-6 oz., baseball-sized, lemon-yellow tomatoes. Attractive, sweet-flavored, and easy to grow.
 Sold out for 2017. TOMATILLO – VERDE SINGLES Early-maturing, large, flat-round green fruits. Use in salsa or Mexican cooking.
ZUCCHINI – GREEN SINGLES High yielder of dark green, straight zucchini.
ZUCCHINI – YELLOW SINGLES Beautiful, bright golden cylindrical fruits
 AVAILABLE 5/6 PATTY PAN SINGLES Prolific yielder of yellow scalloped fruits, with light green on the blossom end.
 Sold out for 2017 DILL SINGLES Good seed and leaf yields. Edible seeds and greens flavor many foods. Popular addition to sauces and a must for making pickles.
 Sold out for 2017 CILANTRO SINGLES Santo is a slow-bolting selection grown for its leaves.
 Singles sold out.  4 pks available 4/29 ITALIAN PARSLEY / FLAT LEAF SINGLES Large dark green leaves with a great aromatic flavor.




4 PKS $9.00