Early Spring CSA – April 13, 2016


Welcome to the B & H Organic Produce Spring CSA!

Items available this week:

  • Potatoes, Fingerling – 2 lb.  You may order 3.
  • Collard Greens – ¾ lb. Mixed-sized leaves. You may order 3.
  • Swiss Chard, Rainbow – ¾ lb.  You may order 3.
  • Spinach – 3/4lb. Large leaves. You may order 1.
  • Spinach, baby – 7 oz. You may order 1.
  • Kale, baby – 7 oz. Curly. You may order 1.
  • Salad Mix – 5 oz. You may order 1.

We are very excited to begin a new season.  We have instituted a few changes this year to increase our efficiency and grow our business.  You may have noticed that we have a new CSA Account Manager, Kendra.  Kendra began as a CSA workshare member and worked diligently to set up our new online ordering system and make our website easier to use and more beautiful.  Kendra is a huge blessing to our business.  She will be your liaison for ordering, payments and overall CSA needs.
We are so excited about our online ordering system.  It is much easier for us to track your orders and accounts and we feel it will also be very user friendly.

Another new official addition to our team is Mike.  He is our new Packhouse/Market Manager.  And he is also my wonderful husband.

I am so happy to have help in accomplishing our mission of providing you with healthy fresh vegetables and great customer service.

With the new management additions to the business I will be able to focus on the most important aspect of agriculture… Farming!  I am also pleased to announce that we have hired a fabulous on-site staff this year.  I am really looking forward to working with this crew.

Featured crop of the week:
Swiss Chard


We are featuring Swiss Chard this week because… we have a lot of it. But, also because after winter it is so great to have some color in your vegetable routine. Swiss Chard is high in Vitamins A and C and also in Magnesium and Iron. Chard is in the beets and spinach family and can be substituted for either spinach or beet greens in any recipe. Here are a few recipes we have found to help you discover why chard is so amazing. Enjoy!


Orders & Pick-up
We need to have your orders by Monday at 8 pm. Late orders cannot be accepted.  If you do not choose to order or forget to order we will select a well-rounded box for you.  This weekly newsletter will also be posted on our website in the right hand side bar.  If for some reason you do not receive an email by Monday, notify us and look on the website for the newsletter.

Each week while ordering is open, the ordering page can be found from our website or the newsletter. On the top menu bar click the Member Actions tab, which will lead you to this Member Login button:

Once logged in, click on Spring Vegetable Share under Member Stores. You will see the list of available items. Click each one that you would like in your box and click Add to Cart. You may pick 5 items for Spring. You will see them show up in your cart on the right hand side. When complete, you may click Continue to Checkout or Specify Quantities. (Please do not change quantities of items that only allow one to be ordered.) Or you may head to the Extras store to add free items that we have abundance of that week, if applicable. It is very simple.

If you have ordered eggs, kombucha or hot sauce, please do not forget to grab them when you pick up your box this week.

You can expect your add-ons on these dates:

  • Bi-weekly Egg Deliveries: 4/20, 5/4, 5/18
  • Weekly Kombucha Deliveries
  • Monthly Hot Sauce Deliveries: 5/4
  • Bi-weekly Cheese/Mixed Dairy Deliveries: 4/13, 4/27, 5/11, 5/25

We realize that many people are busy and forget to pick up. We work hard to fill your boxes with fresh vegetables and we want you to receive them while they are fresh.  Please keep in contact with us if you have problems with your pick up.  It is best to call or text Erica at 484-955-1098.  If you are texting, please send your name.

Please remember each week to gently break down your box and leave it at the site. The site host is not responsible for your produce or the delivery.  Please do not contact the site host with any issues.

Again, we thank you for membership and we look forward to providing you with fresh veggies this season!
B & H Organic Produce

If you have questions, please email info@bhorganicproduce.com