Our Farm


Paul and Erica. Image credit:
Paul and Erica. Image credit: Yvonne Sauder

B & H Organic Produce is a multi-generational, family run farm located in the heart of Morgantown, PA. The farm’s thriving produce production operation is the combined effort of Erica Lavdanski and Paul Hartz.

B & H Organic Produce is dedicated to providing the community with fresh organic produce, geared to a smaller more community-based consumer. Your farmers, Erica and Paul, believe you should be able to support local food in your community and in doing so also preserve pristine Lancaster County farmland. Through their combined efforts they hope to provide this service to people who are looking for nutrient rich, fresh, local, and organic produce.
B & H is certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) and the USDA.


We believe it is extremely important to remain organic in order to address ecological sustainability and health concerns and to enhance the security of our food system. It is our commitment to build and maintain high quality soil at our farm in order to provide a nutrient dense final product to our customers.



yvonne 08 036Paul Hartz was born and raised on the 150 acre farm in Morgantown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Paul has been experimenting with organic agriculture for more than 30 years.  He was a member of some of the founding organizations for organic certification in Pennsylvania.  In 1997  the farm was officially certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO).

Paul and his wife began a small health food store on the farm over 35 years ago.  The store began in the basement of their house.  As the business grew they eventually built the existing building on the farm which houses the store to this day.  Paul continues to farm 80 acres of grains and hay and raises beef and chicken to me and mike field 2supply the store.

Erica Lavdanski worked for Paul at Hartz Natural Foods in 1996-1999.  There she gained a knowledge of the importance of organic agriculture and farming.  She gave up her pursuit of being a Naturopathic Doctor to become an organic farmer.  She then traveled to several farms around the country doing internships and learning to farm.

Paul and Erica maintained a friendship throughout this time and decided to partner up to create B & H Organic Produce. In 2008, Paul Hartz asked Erica to join his farm by adding a produce operation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAB & H began as a 1/8 acre produce garden serving the West Reading Farmer’s Market, Hartz Natural Foods and a 10 member CSA.  Each year the vegetable production has grown and it is now 8 acres, serving several farmers’ markets and Hartz Natural Foods.