Frequently Asked Questions about our CSA:

Can we order what we would like each week?  Yes, each member will have an account on our ordering site where they will be able shop just like an online store to select what they would like in their box each week.  We cannot guarantee orders but we have a 90% accuracy rate for filling orders.  Members will be given at least 36 hours to order their produce after they are notified via email of the ordering list.
How many people will a 8-Acre (full) or 5-Acre (half) share feed? We recommend the 8-Acre share for a family of 4-5 and the 5-Acre share for a family of 2-3.  The share size you choose will depend on your diet, lifestyle and commitment to using the vegetables. We have single members who enjoy a full share and families of 4 who are satisfied with a half share.
How Much?
A Summer 8-Acre share receives 8 “items” per week and a 5-Acre share receives  5 “items” per week. An item is a bunch or unit of produce, which we package. We try to match this unit to what you would find in the grocery store. Some examples are:
* 2lb potato
* 2 head lettuce
* 6 oz bag salad mix
* 3⁄4 lb string beans
* 2 lb tomato
* 1lb peppers
* 1.5lb beets
* 3⁄4 lb bunch greens such as kale or chard
* 1lb cucumber or summer squash

Early Spring shares receive 5 items per week and Late Fall shares receive 6 items per week.

What are extras? What makes our CSA unique from other CSA’s is that we generally stick to the specified units above and the number of items in a box. If we have extra produce you will find it listed on our weekly email and you will have the option to order extras at no extra cost. This gives the member a choice of having extra vegetables instead of overwhelming their kitchens.
Can we pay in installments?  Yes, this is an option you can choose at checkout.  This option is only available for Summer CSA shares.
Can 2 families split a share? Yes, with this restriction:
• We only take one order per share so the 2 families must order together. We do not split items in half for you to share. Often you can only order 1 of each item.  If you choose to do this please enter both email addresses on the sign up form so that each member receives the emails.
What happens if we go on vacation? We ask that you have a friend, neighbor or family member pick up your box. If there is no one to pick up your box please choose the “donate” option on the ordering site and we will donate the produce to a family in need.
What if you do not like a certain vegetable? Don’t forget that the unique feature of our CSA is that you can order what you want each week.
What happens if I am late picking up my produce?  Most of the pick up sites are located at businesses and we ask that you come on time to pick up your produce so that you do not effect the site host business.  We cannot hold produce once it has been delivered.  If you do not pick up your produce in time the produce is donated to the site host.  If you know ahead of time that you cannot make the pick up window time you have the option of having the box delivered directly to your home.  Simply select the “delivery to my door” option when ordering.  This is an added cost of $7.00.
How do you order each week and when? We will send an email each week on Saturday evening by 8 pm orders must be in by Monday at 8 pm.  The email will direct you to the ordering site.  All orders need to be placed through the ordering site.  Late orders will not be accepted.
What should I do with the box at the pick up site? Please do not take the boxes home with you. Simply flatten the boxes and leave them at the pick up site.
What if you don’t want to order each week? If you do not order we will put together a well-rounded box for you.