CSA Policies

  • As a member you agree to share in the risks of the growing season, including natural disaster, crop failure, pestilence, along with other members and the grower.


  • All payments must be made in full before produce will be delivered.
  • Payments are nonrefundable.
  • Refunds will not be given for produce that is not or cannot be picked up.
  • Late memberships will be prorated.

Member Accounts

  • After signing up each member will have an account on our ordering site.  From this site members will be able to:
    • Order items each week
    • Review orders
    • Change pick up location temporarily.  There is no need to let us know directly.
    • Schedule vacations. You may choose to donate your share to a family in need.

Pick Ups

  • Produce is packed in boxes and delivered to each pick up location. Please bring a bag to transport your goods, gently flatten the box and put it in the stack. Try to keep boxes in usable condition, we do re-use them.
  • If you cannot pick up your box you may have someone pick up for you. Or you may select the ‘donate’ option.
  • Produce not picked up at the end of the pick up time will be donated to the site host or to a local family.  Each year we select a family in need to donate produce to.  We donate to that family all season.
  •  You can select the “delivery to your door” option during ordering. We have partnered with Delivery Dudes to have your veggies delivered to your door for only $7.00. Read more.
  • You can schedule vacations up until the day before deliveries.
  • Please do not contact the host site to arrange for your produce deliveries to be held or changed.  They are gracious enough to let us use their space we do not want to give them more work.
  • Keep in mind that the closer to the start of the time window you can pick up, the better, as your produce will stay fresher the sooner you can get it into your fridge (with the exception of tomatoes, do not refrigerate them!).


  • If you would like to return pint and quart boxes we would be happy to take them. However, due to our organic certification we must insist that the boxes came from our farm. We are unable to take plastic bags back.