Egg Share

Spring Creek Farms

spring creek

Located about 10 miles west of Reading, PA. Spring Creek Farm’s eggs are USDA certified organic, so you can be assured there are no traces of chemical residues, GMO’s or antibiotics with the rigorous testing and paperwork trail that goes into achieving the USDA organic emblem. Their 160 hens follow the cows around the 160 acres of pasture. They are moved every day and cover every acre of the farm every 30 day rotation. They eat fly larvae, worms, insects and tender pasture grass. They are supplemented with a soy-free organic grain, since a chicken has a craw and a gizzard to properly digest seeds and grain. This fifth generation family farm has been certified organic since August 1999 through PCO.

Egg Share

  • Bi-weekly share – 1 dozen
  • Cost – $6.25 per share
  • Available for Spring, Summer & Fall
  • You may purchase multiple shares

Spring – Starts April 12th – 4 total deliveries  $25

Summer  – Starts June 7th – 11 total deliveries  $68.75

Fall  – Starts November 1st – 4 total deliveries  $25


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