2018 CSA

Friends and loyal customers of B & H Organic Produce,

Happy New Year to you all.  As the new year begins we wish you and your family health and joy.

2018 will be our 11th year in business farming and selling organic produce.  It has been a wonderful growing experience in so many ways.  The loyalty and connection of our customers has made the hard work worth doing.  We are blessed to be able to have fertile land to grow fresh nutritious food for our community and a way that also gives back to the land.  It is a wonderful cycle of life and health.

And as nature cycles and life grows so does our business.  Each year we accumulate knowledge and wisdom and build on what we have learned.  2017 provided great learning for me about sustainability in terms of business and personal growth.  There were some tough growing pains.  And now that a new year has begun and I see the fields resting in the cold I have time to reflect and regroup.

I have decided this year to simplify the business and the operation in order to create a more sustainable system for myself, the land and our employees.  We will still be farming but we will concentrate on farmer’s markets and special events.  We will not be running the CSA this season.

We are extremely grateful for all of our members who have supported us over the last 10 years.  We understand that our CSA was an important part of many of your lives.  For that we thank you.  We make this decision with open hearts and minds and the opening of new possibilities for B & H.

Many blessings and much love,

Erica and the B & H crew.


P.S.  We are still farming.  The seeds are ordered and we have some fun plans for 2018.  Don’t forget to check for emails from us.  Like us on Facebook and Instagram and check our website for updates!